Prontosan Debridement Pad Made Easy

This Made Easy explains the importance of wound bed preparation (WBP) and how the Prontosan Debridement Pad, utilising microfibre technology, may be used to improve the process as...

Aquacel Ag+ Extra Made Easy

 While there are a number of barriers to wound healing, addressing exudate, infection and biofilm is particularly important when managing slow-healing, static or deteriorating...

Soring UAW Made Easy

 Soring UAW is an effective tool for wound debridement that can be easily integrated into treatment pathways for various chronic wound aetiologies as an integral part of wound...

WUWHS: Management of biofilm

Presented by Thomas Bjarnsholt. Antimicrobial and multi-drug resistance loom large on the global healthcare landscape, in particular in the treatment of chronic, hard-toheal...

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