NewsVirtual Exhibition provides invaluable resources for clinicians

Virtual Exhibition provides invaluable resources for clinicians

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Virtual Exhibition provides invaluable resources for cliniciansThe Wounds International Virtual Exhibition is an invaluable resource for those interested in learning more about the different wound care products available for clinicians, as well as wound care organisations.

By clicking on the different stands, visitors can easily explore how and why to use wound dressings and treatments. From gels, honey, compression bandaging and cleansing products to different dressings, companies identify, explain and provide tips for those treating wound areas.

Wound care organisations, such as the Lindsay Leg Club, South African Diabetic Foot Working Group and the Australasian Wound and Tissue Repair Society, are also highlighted in this section of the Virtual Exhibition. Clinicians can click on individual stands to find out about the different foundations' goals, such as the need for wound care awareness and education.

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