NewsTraditional Chinese medicine needs in-depth trials

Traditional Chinese medicine needs in-depth trials

Pressure ulcers

Traditional Chinese medicine needs in-depth trialsA group of researchers have found that traditional Chinese medicine may have potential for treating pressure ulcers, but there is need for more in-depth research.

In an article published in the International Wound Journal, researchers have concluded that although traditional Chinese herbal ointments may be effective for treating pressure ulcers, trials have not yet been sufficient enough to prove that the medicines are effective. Problems found in the trial analysis included missing information on how tinctures were made, non-specific group allocation or missing information on how the randomisation was conducted.

 'There was a significant difference between Chinese herbal medicine ointment and placebo intervention in terms of total effective rate, curative ratio and inefficiency rate,' the researchers wrote. 'However, high risk of bias in the included trials prevents us from making firm conclusions.'

The study concludes that although there is high potential for the use of traditional Chinese medicine for healing pressure ulcers, more randomised controlled trials are needed.

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Image: Chinese medicines. Credit: oceanaris on Flickr.