NewsScar-less mice offer insight into tissue regeneration

Scar-less mice offer insight into tissue regeneration

Complex wounds, Skin integrity

Scar-less mice offer insight into tissue regenerationA recent study of tissue regeneration in African spiny mice, a species that easily loses its skin and regenerates it without scar tissue, may help researchers gain insight into the molecular pathways of wound healing in humans.

Simply holding an African spiny mouse can tear away up to 60% of their skin. This phenomenon happens so that the mice can easily escape capture from predators. It was found, however, that these mice do not form scar tissue, but regenerate their skin. Researchers studied the entire skin regeneration process and found that within three days new epithelial cells were forming in the wound. The mice were able to form new skin, hair follicles, fatty tissue, muscle and cartilage as opposed to scar tissue.

Although in the early stages, the researchers believe that these studies could lead to advances in wound healing and tissue regeneration techniques in humans.

To read the study in the journal Nature, click here.


Image: Spiny mice. Credit: Neil T on Flickr.