May Issue 3 Volume 2NewsProtein heals wounds, but prevents psoriasis recovery

Protein heals wounds, but prevents psoriasis recovery

23/05/12 | Complex wounds

Protein heals wounds, but prevents psoriasis recoveryIn a recently published study, it was found that specific molecular proteins are developed during the inflammation process which encourages wound care, but prevent psoriasis from healing.

Researchers at the University of California in San Diego performed a study on mice and found that a protein called regenerating islet-derived protein 3-alpha (REG3A) is abundantly expressed during psoriasis and wound healing.

Treatments involving the suppression of this protein could help heal psoriasis, while treatments encouraging its development could potentially increase cell proliferation in wound healing.

'A drug that inhibits the expression of REG3A could represent a more targeted way to treat psoriasis without the systemic immunosuppression problems of current treatments,' said professor Yuping Lai from East China Normal University in Shanghai. 'Conversely, a drug that stimulates or mimics REG3A could boost cell growth and improve wound healing.'

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Image: Psoriasis. Credit: Mysi(new stream) on Flickr.