NewsPortable electrotherapy helps heal diabetic feet

Portable electrotherapy helps heal diabetic feet

Complex wounds, Diabetic foot ulcers

Portable electrotherapy helps heal diabetic feetIn a recent study, electrotherapy in the form of pulsed radio frequency energy (PRFE), has been shown to significantly improve diabetic foot ulcers.

The application of a lightweight patch, which transmits an electromagnetic pulsating, radio frequency through the skin, has shown to heal diabetic foot ulcers when used everyday for six to eight hours.  Two patients experienced healing within three weeks, and the two other patients in the study experienced 88% and 95% healing within six weeks and were subsequently completely healed using the device.

The mechanism that allows PRFE to help wounds heal is unknown, however the technique has shown promise. The new small, lightweight device is easy to use and convenient, unlike past PRFE devices, which were large and heavy.

To read the study, click here.


Image: Man holding electromagnetic wave. Credit: waljoris on Flickr.