NewsOestrogen treatment aimed at older wound care patients

Oestrogen treatment aimed at older wound care patients

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Oestrogen treatment aimed at older wound care patientsResearch carried out at the University of Manchester, UK, is developing a way to introduce oestrogen treatment to assist in healing the wounds of older patients.

Studies have recently shown that oestrogen plays an important role in healing wounds, especially in older patients. Therefore, Age UK has given the University of Manchester Healing Foundation Centre a grant to develop an oestrogen cream to help wound healing.

'We knew that oestrogen was important in healing, but we didn't realise it played such a pivotal role,' says Dr Matthew Hardman, at the Healing Centre. 'Unfortunately, it's not safe to simply give people oestrogen as it has far too many side effects...we're looking to develop and test treatment options using compounds similar to oestrogen, but without the side effects that come with it.''

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Image: Oestrogen receptors. Credit: Euthman on Flickr.