NewsNurse burn out generates higher infection rates

Nurse burn out generates higher infection rates

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Nurse burn out generates higher infection ratesIn a recent study conducted in hospitals in Pennsylvania, US, researchers found a correlation between nurses who are potentially burnt out due to extensive workloads and an increase in patient infection rates.

Nurses who see more patients are more likely to suffer from burn out, including increased job dissatisfaction, decreased quality of patient care, pharmaceutical mistakes and inadequate infection control procedures. The study found that increasing a nurse's workload by just one patient was linked to increased surgical site infection (SSIs) and urinary tract infections. For every 10% extra burn out among nurses the rate of infection increased by one more patient for every 1,000. Burn out was assessed with the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS).

'If the proportion of nurses with high burn out could be reduced to 10% from an average of 30%, some 4,160 infections would be prevented in Pennsylvania hospitals, leading to a estimated cost savings of $41 million,' the researchers proposed.

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Image: Hurried nurse. Credit: on Flickr.