NewsMoccasin technique a practical alternative to toe bandaging

Moccasin technique a practical alternative to toe bandaging


Moccasin technique a practical alternative to toe bandagingA poster presented at the Wounds UK Harrogate conference last week highlights a new moccasin bandaging technique that reduces toe swelling more effectively than individual toe bandaging in patients with lymphoedema.

The moccasin technique encloses the feet with a two-layer compression system as well as placing foam layers between each toe. In comparison, the common toe bandaging system wraps each individual toe. It is argued, however, that the more common toe bandaging technique is less safe due to the potential of further trauma to the feet. More comfortable for patients, the moccasin technique allows them to wear their own footwear when possible and is less heavy.

In the poster presentation case study from the North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, UK, a 57-year-old patient with lymphoedema did not want individual toe bandaging and instead received the moccasin technique on her feet. Toe swelling was significantly reduced in three weeks using this method and the total limb volume had reduced 1464mls in the right leg and 1869mls in the left.  It was found that this method is most effective when used twice-weekly.

The technique requires further study, but has thus far shown to be comfortable for patients with lymphoedema and a potential alternative to individual toe bandaging.

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