NewsLibya in need of emergency wound care supplies

Libya in need of emergency wound care supplies

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Libya in need of emergency wound care suppliesAs the crisis in Libya escalates with air strikes, wound care supplies have become increasingly important for those injured in the conflict. Many civilians are fleeing into bordering countries and the need for medical supplies is on the rise.


'We are working with our partners in Libya, and based on their assessments in the camps and in the Libyan city of Benghazi, we are expanding support for their efforts both at the border and in country,' said Christoph Gorder, senior vice president of global programme operations for AmeriCares.

AmeriCares has already sent one shipment of medical equipment to Libya, reaching about 15,000 patients. The organisation is sending two more emergency shipments to Cairo this week, including wound care supplies, antibiotic and pain relievers. The total shipments sent will value $1.5 million.

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Image: Protesters burn pictures of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and copies of the Green book in Benghazi March 2, 2011. Credit: B.R.Q on Flickr.





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