May Issue 3 Volume 2NewsHydrosurgery system now available on UK Drug Tariff

Hydrosurgery system now available on UK Drug Tariff

23/05/12 | Complex wounds, Infection, Service development and delivery

Hydrosurgery system now available on UK Drug TariffThe VERSAJET™ Exact hand piece by Smith & Nephew has recently been listed as having reimbursement status in the UK.

The handpiece is used for wound debridement and has proven to reduce the number of hospital admissions as it can be used at the bedside in outpatient settings. The handpiece allows clinicians to excise necrotic tissue while also reducing bacterial burden. The handpiece uses a sharp jet of saline to clear debris from the wound bed.
'In comparison to standard treatments that are used in the community setting such as hydrogel, which can take weeks if not months to clean wounds completely, VERSAJET can debride a wound in a little over 20 minutes,' said David Gray, Professor of Tissue Viability at Birmingham City University. 'There are many patients in the non-hospital setting who could benefit from the use of VERSAJET as it could result in faster healing times and a potential reduction in the risk of infection.'

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