NewsGold reduces inflammation when added to silver dressings

Gold reduces inflammation when added to silver dressings

Complex wounds, Infection, Skin integrity

Gold reduces inflammation when added to silver dressingsIn a recent study, it was found that adding gold to nanocrystalline silver dressings aids in shrinking grain boundary atoms and can retain anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Researchers compared the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of pure silver nanocrystalline dressings with silver dressings incorporating gold alloy. The gold was applied by using a method called direct current magnetron sputtering.

While the pure silver dressings were slightly more effective in providing an antimicrobial defence, the dressings incorporating gold decreased the crystallite size from 17 to four nanometres, augmenting the anti-inflammatory response.

Although gold and silver do not act similarly in wound healing, there is potential for incorporating gold into silver dressings, conceivably decreasing inflammation. The authors suggest that in vivo studies be conducted to uncover the exact wound healing properties of gold.

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Image: Liquid gold. Credit: The Puzzler on Flickr.