NewsElectrosurgery shown not to impair wound healing

Electrosurgery shown not to impair wound healing

Complex wounds

Electrosurgery shown not to impair wound healingIn a recent study, researchers have found that electrosurgery does not impair wound healing, as had been previously thought.

A study published in the British Journal of Surgery examined 2,541 patients for surgical site healing using either a scalpel or diathermy. There were 1,267 patients who underwent skin incision by cutting diathermy and 1,274 were operated on using a scalpel. During the post-op period patients' wound complications were assessed for six weeks. There were no differences found in wound healing for either method.

Diathermy produced less bleeding at the time of incision, but neither incision method caused more pain 24 hours post-op or increased wound complications.

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Image: Incision. Credit: brookscl on Flickr.