NewsDocumentary series focuses on prosthetic face surgery

Documentary series focuses on prosthetic face surgery

Complex wounds, Infection, Wellbeing and concordance

Documentary series focuses on prosthetic face surgeryA new documentary TV series, featuring the Maxillofacial Prosthetic Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK, focuses on facial prosthetics and their role in bettering the lives of patients suffering facial injuries, illness or birth defects.

Making faces follows a team of surgeons and prosthesis experts in the UK, highlighting treatment for some of the most traumatic facial injuries in the country. The documentary follows the team for five months, and features patients with burn wounds, cancerous tumours and violent assault. They help renew older prosthetics and build innovative realistic ones.

The department is the only one to work on facial reconstruction and prostheses with military patients and emergency cases in the UK.

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Image: Surgeons at work. Credit: salimfadhley on Flickr.