NewsBiofilms hit the big screen

Biofilms hit the big screen

Acute Wounds, Complex wounds, Infection

Biofilms hit the big screenA film made for patients with hospital infections, diabetic foot wounds, sinusitis, ear infections, tonsillitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and osteomyelitis explains the role of biofilms in chronic bacterial diseases.

The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation developed the film to provide information on biofilms to patients with biofilm-related infections, specifically wound, dental and ear, nose and throat (ENT) infections.

One interviewee in the film, Dr Randy Wolcott, a wound care specialist at Southwest Regional Woundcare Center, in Texas, USA, explains that 550,000 biofilm infection-related deaths occur each year in the States, which is similar to the number of fatalities from cancer and 30 times the number of AIDS-related deaths annually.

The film interviews expert clinicians in the field as well as patients' experiences and troubles with being diagnosed and treated. It will be shown throughout 2013 by the foundation and will be offered with Chinese, Spanish or French subtitles.

The foundation has also built an online community dedicated to understanding microbial biofilms. Click here to find more information, including articles and commentary on biofilms.

Click here to view the trailer and order the film.


Image: A bacterial standoff. Credit: AJC1 on Flickr.