NewsAntimicrobial privacy curtains delay infection transmission

Antimicrobial privacy curtains delay infection transmission

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Antimicrobial privacy curtains delay infection transmissionIn a study published in the journal Infection control and Hospital Epidemiology, researchers found that using privacy curtains with antimicrobial properties in hospitals reduced the onset of pathogen transmission.

Privacy curtains are not changed very frequently, are difficult to wash and often contaminated with pathogens. In the study, 30 rooms in intensive care units were randomly selected to install either the new antimicrobial curtains or a control curtain without antimicrobial properties. Cultures were then examined from both the antimicrobial privacy curtains as well as the ordinary curtains.

It was found that the antimicrobial curtains took seven times longer to reach a contamination level similar to the ordinary curtains. According to the researchers, adding antimicrobials to privacy curtains can increase time between washing the curtains and decrease infection transmission. 

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Image: Curtains. Credit: TheLawleys on Flickr.