Triangle of Wound Assessment Made Easy

Wound assessment is essential in informing the selection of appropriate therapeutic strategies to achieve clinical goals, e.g. wound healing and improved patient wellbeing. This Made Easy describes a new approach to wound assessment that encourages clinicians to look beyond the wound edge to routinely assess and manage the periwound skin using the new Triangle of Wound Assessment.

This is a new tool that extends the current concepts of wound bed preparation and TIME beyond the wound edge. It divides assessment of the wound into three areas: the wound bed, the wound edge, and the periwound skin. It should be used in the context of a holistic assessment that involves the patient, caregivers and family.


Supported by Coloplast 



  • Caroline Dowsett

    Nurse Consultant, Tissue Viability, East London Foundation Trust, London, UK

  • Kerstin Protz

    Nurse/Project Manager Wound Research, Institute for Health Services Research in Dermatology and Nursing, University Medical Centre, Hamburg, Germany

  • M Drouard-Segard

    Consultant Dermatologist, Hospital Huriez, Lille, France

  • Keith Harding

    Dean of Clinical Innovation, Cardiff University, Medical Director, Welsh Wound Innovation Centre, Cardiff, UK,