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B. Braun Group, Germany, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of medical products with an environmentally friendly focus.

Guided by the company’s “Sharing Expertise” philosophy, B. Braun constantly addresses the critical issues of infection control, medication safety and environmental responsibility by promoting best practices that help health professionals throughout the whole world to reduce prevent healthcare-acquired infections, avoid medication errors and achieve sustainability objectives.

The areas of interest of the B. Braun group include wound care, infection prevention, clinical nutrition, continence care and urology, diabetes care, extracorporeal blood treatment, infusion therapy, intravenous infusions, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, anaesthesia, skin care, spine and stoma care, surgical technologies, vascular technology and several others.

Every day, more than 44,000 B. Braun employees in over 50 countries are delivering safety products and programs based on traditional quality, modern technology, and cost-effectiveness, while maintaining environmental responsibility.

The B. Braun brand rests on three supporting pillars: our brand values of innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Driving Innovation
Innovation refers to products, services and internal company processes – from a suggestion for improving everyday working life to developing a new product. To encourage innovation, each year B. Braun rewards creative ideas with the Innovation Prize. However, the brand value of “Innovation” also finds its expression in state-of-the-art production facilities: between 2011 and 2015, B. Braun will be investing €2.3 billion worldwide in manufacturing facilities for all product areas, the largest investment program in its history.

“Innovation” also stands for investment in Research and Development. For B. Braun, this includes in-house research as well as investment in new technologies and markets, for example through a commitment to the Germany-based venture capital fund High-Tech Gründerfonds or entering new business fields such as nutrition solutions, tissue engineering and genetic diagnostics.

Increasing Efficiency
Efficiency shows itself in modern customer service using e-tools and electronic order processing, just as it does in communicating digitally with customers and partners and direct offerings such as e-shops. In addition, in order to support efficient processes at its customers’, B.Braun develops a range of products that simplify processes, network interfaces or make daily work easier. The new Space onlineSuite, for example, the IV therapy platform, which networks all pumps throughout an entire hospital and makes it easy to monitor them via a screen. Last but not least, for B. Braun efficiency means flexible forms of organization.

For the office concept, alongside open communications and the removal of hierarchies, that means videoconferences instead of expensive business trips, virtual teams working together globally and an office concept in which, thanks to mobile terminals, maximum use can be made of every workspace.

Living Sustainability
As a family company, B. Braun feels responsible for its employees and the regions in which it is active. This is our understanding of ‘sustainability’. It includes doing business in a way that is environmentally responsible, as well as with a social and cultural commitment. B. Braun provides financial and organizational support for artistic, cultural and sporting projects, is a partner in private public partnerships and also supports universities, doctors and students with grants or through organizing scientific events. The company has a self-imposed responsibility to act as a ‘Corporate Citizen’, which is not just limited to its headquarters in Germany. B. Braun is committed to every region in which one of its subsidiaries is present.

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