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  1. Company factfile: medi
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    Wounds International 2(3) September

    medi is a global player in the healthcare market, producing and distributing more than 300 products and brands for a wide range of indications, primarily the treatment of lymphoedema, lipoedema and venous disease, and for thrombosis prophylaxis.

  2. MedSkin Solutions
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    This company fact file focuses on MedSkin Solutions, a global company that specialises in the management of tissue repair and tissue regeneration using innovative biomatrix applications. Their Advanced Cryosafe(TM) Technology preserves the natural properties...

  3. Covidien Fact File
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    In this article we examine Covidien, a healthcare company with surgical, patient care, respiratory, imaging and pharmaceutical products. Covidien wound care products range from traditional products to innovative, advanced technologies designed to prevent...