Courses Wound Care Courses in the UK

Wound Care Courses in the UK

Acute Wounds, Assessment and diagnosis, Complex wounds, Diabetic foot ulcers, Infection, Leg ulcers, Lymphoedema, Pressure ulcers, Service development and delivery, Skin integrity, Wellbeing and concordance

Wound Care Courses in the UKThis is a list of wound care courses currently being offered in the UK. These include full-time, part-time and distance learning courses.

University of Huddersfield

Two courses are available via online learning for health or social care professionals who would like to gain or enhance their knowledge of wound management.

Tissue Viability and Wound Management

This course offers you the opportunity to develop:

  • An understanding of a complex body of knowledge in relation to tissue viability and wound management.
  • The skills required to critically discuss, explore and analyse existing and developing theories and concepts that underpin wound healing and tissue viability.
  • An understanding of the political, local, national and international drivers that can affect resource management.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competency in discussing and exploring issues that can cause skin/wound breakdown.
  • Discuss the strategies that can be implemented in order to prevent skin/wound breakdown.
  • Analyse relevant and appropriate research and evidence to support your practice.
  • Use your skills as a link nurse.

Evidence of personal responsibility and decision making in complex and unpredictable circumstances will be an expectation. 

Management of Leg Ulceration

This course is aimed at those health or social care professionals who would like to gain or enhance their knowledge of the management of leg ulceration.

This specialist course offers you the opportunity gain the knowledge and skills required to conduct assessments, plan, deliver and evaluate healthcare interventions for those clients with ulceration of the lower limb.  This will involve identifying members of the multiprofessional team who are key contributors to the delivery of effective, efficient and economic healthcare.

You will undertake clinical experience which will permit you to identify the assessment tools that contribute to the diagnosis of the underlying pathophysiology, in order to ensure appropriate interventions are prescribed in line with patient needs.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competency in undertaking a patient interview.
  • Examine and assess causes and factors contributing to the development of leg ulcers and factors delaying healing.
  • Recognise the importance of preventative strategies and methods used to maintain healed legs.
  • Use your skills as a link nurse.


Bradford (University of Bradford)
Courses at the University of Bradford

The Tissue Viability modules at The University of Bradford have recently been updated in line with knowledge and skills required by the busy clinically based health care practitioner without compromising on the quality of the modules.

The University of Bradford offers three Degree and four Masters' level Tissue Viability modules including:

  • Advances in limiting pressure damage
  • Advances in wound management
  • Advances in leg ulcer management
  • Debridement of wounds

Each are awarded 30 credits towards BSc or Masters provision and the modules can be studies individually, sequentially or concurrently. The modules start each September and run over two semesters.

The Masters level module Debridement of Wounds enables the practitioner to enhance their practice and is based on National and International recommendations and NICE guidance.

The courses are led by a team of nationally recognised experts and is part of the Bradford Wound Healing Unit ensuring information is up-to-date and linked to current evidence, guidance and practice.

University staff includes: 
Kath Vowden, Nurse Consultant Acute and Chronic
Wound Care
; Jane Collins previously a Tissue Viability Nurse

Pathway and Module leaders:
University of Bradford