Clinical guidelinesLymphoedema bandaging in practice

Lymphoedema bandaging in practice


Lymphoedema bandaging in practiceThis European Wound Management Association (EWMA) document focuses on lymphoedema bandaging in Europe and is intended to form part of an educational campaign that will facilitate consensus in lymphoedema practice across Europe.

The document examines the science of lymphoedema bandaging and provides practical guidance on lymphoedema bandaging of the upper and lower limbs, head, breast and genitalia. A consensus statement from The Lymphoedema Framework on best practice in lymphoedema bandaging is also included.


By focusing on the principles of multi-layer compression bandaging, EWMA hope to widen the scope for specialists and generalist practitioners in caring for patients with lymphoedema.


Supported by an educational grant from Lohmann and Rausher