Case series evaluation: ADAPTIC TOUCH® in partial-thickness skin graft donor-site wounds

Although partial-thickness donor-site skin graft wounds can be considered ‘standard’ and will generally heal in less than 4 weeks, they often cause patients pain and discomfort. In addition, patients may be concerned about having a second wound with scar formation. In fact, delayed wound healing in a donor-site wound (DSW) may ‘cause the patient more inconvenience than the skin graft or the condition for which the grafting was indicated.’

In 2013, Andreas Bruhin pioneered a novel approach to managing these particular concerns using ADAPTIC TOUCH in two patients. In these original DSW case studies, ADAPTIC TOUCH was chosen for its non-adherent properties, to encourage epithelialisation without the need to disturb the wound bed.

In this new document - International case series: ADAPTIC TOUCH® in partial-thickness skin graft donor-site wounds - outcomes for the protocol were consistently repeatable over 12 cases, demonstrating that using a protocol based on ADAPTIC TOUCH for split-thickness DSWs could eliminate variability in this area of practice while minimising patient discomfort during dressing wear and upon dressing removal. Clinicians were able to enact a straightforward, easy-to-replicate procedure that resulted in efficacious, uncomplicated healing that was 'highly satisfactory' in the vast majority of cases.