BIOSORB™ Gelling Fibre Dressing in moderate to highly exuding wounds

This International Case Series Report presents six case studies from South Africa, The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, which illustrate use of BIOSORB Gelling Fibre Dressing for a range of aetiologies, including ulcerations, traumatic wounds and post-surgical wounds. All of the wounds discussed in this case series presented with moderate to heavy exudate production and the patients were experiencing problems related to these high exudate levels, including pain, malodour and feelings of social isolation. The clinicians and patients involved in this study were highly satisfied with use of BIOSORB Gelling Fibre Dressing, including its ability to manage excessive exudate, providing consistently high levels of absorbency. Moreover, the clinicians reported high levels of comfort with BIOSORB Gelling Fibre Dressing, it conformed well to the wound, and there were documented reports of decreased VAS pain scores across the study period.