AssociationsFrancophone Nurses' Association in Stoma Therapy, Healing & Wounds (AFISCeP)

Francophone Nurses' Association in Stoma Therapy, Healing & Wounds (AFISCeP) was born from the fusion of two asbl: the
ABISCEP (Belgian Association of enterostomy therapists
nurses, healing and wounds) and ARIAS (Association for the
research of information and assistance in enterostomal
therapy). It is a non-profit organisation with no lucrative
ambition. is concerned with the care of stomas and wounds
and wound healing, as well as the care for patients with
urinary and faecal incontinence. It serves nurses, specialized
or not, who are involved in the field of enterostomal therapy,
the care of wounds and incontinence, and ensures the
protection and defence of that field. In addition, it is actively
committed to the recognition of the title of nurse specialized
in enterostomal therapy and care of wounds. works with the essential aim of offering quality
care to the patients which are entrusted to its service.
To achieve its objectives, the association organizes an annual
congress in the first quarter of each year and an annual
seminary in October. The seminary makes it possible to
focus on one topic or subject in depth, with a more restricted
public on the geographical level. Another annual congress
with the topic of "the care of wounds" is organized in
partnership with the CNC, with whom it formed the BEFEWO
in 2007.

The association also organizes the development and training
of "enterostomal therapist nurses", as well as the inherent
retraining in this specialization. This role will always evolve
as from 2010, in order to answer to the Belgian ministerial
criteria, the training will be longer, and will include the Care
of Wounds. develops methods and procedures to update the
knowledge and aptitudes of the people receiving care at
home and also the experience and knowledge of hospitals
and students involved in this area of medicine. The
organisation also took part in the creation of a European
Referential Competences in Care Male Nurses.
In addition the AFISCeP publishes a magazine twice a year,
in June and December. A useful educational tool, it allows the
dissemination of information specific to the profession. 


President: Brigitte CRISPIN President of “Wounds” Section: Marie-Magdeleine LEFORT President of “Stomies” Section: Maria-Pia DEL CONTE